1. the easter cake, my way

    yes, i have 31 minutes to publish this on the right day!!

    so, i was inspired by a recipe i saw at the local morning tv-show, but ofcourse i made my adaptions. due to the fact that i still cannot(read: don’t want to) use my oven, i have to think of other ways how to make delicious sweets.

    the crust is made with digestive biscuits and coconut oil

    for the filling i melted 400g of white chocolate with 1 dl of coconut milk, then added 400g of ricotta cream and vanilla sugar. when evenly mixtured i poured it on the crust and then refrigerated it for SEVERAL hours. 

    this cake is just tout sweet(as i like my cakes), but if you prefer some ‘colours’ then i recommend spreading some blackcurrant jam between the filling and crust or adding some lime/lemon juice to the filling.

    and that’s it, my easter cake, it’s white and there’s ricotta and the grapes look like easter eggs!


    love, carolin

  2. moments

    some jam and gum-candy and wine(in martini glasses #fancy) and cake. some oh-so valuable minutes with best friends!

    love, carolin

  3. frosty cake to celebrate the start of spring!

    digestive cookie crust+

    banana ice cream+

    vanilla flavoured whipped cream+

    white chocolate

    jes. and all this should hang out in the fridge for a while. so light but smushy! 


    love, carolin


    cereal for breakfast.


    this post is dedicated to my dear fruit loops’ lover anne marie, who’s so-so far away and whom i so-so miss! love you

    and you all too, carolin

  5. mardi gras/shrove tuesday/martedi grasso etc, all in all. THE FAT TUESDAY. perfect for a food blog, yes?

    well in estonia it is called Vastlapäev, which i cannot translate, because i don’t know the word in english, basically A Day of A Shoe!?

    and in estonia it is very little or not at all associated to religion. according to custom, we eat pea soup and sleigh or skate. FOR dessert we make those heavenly buns you can see on the picture.

    they are basically like dinner rolls, but sweet and it is important to cut off the “hat” and fill the bun with jam and whipped cream.

    for me it’s a lovely day, and strangely i had an accident yesterday so i was forced to skip school. that was perfect for hunting for the best vastlakukkel(shrovetide’ bun) in town. 

    actually, THE BEST buns i am going to enjoy tonight at my mom’s place, but still. they were nice

    have a nice holiday, you all

    love, carolin

  6. yes, don’t forget the peanut butter!

    love, carolin

  7. YO, KIWI

    my routine these days, somehow can’t think of a variation: plain yogurt, cinnamon, banana, more cinnamon, kiwi/orange/pear, almonds, nuts, raisin, all sorts of seeds and HONEY on top of it. 

    + i always have to mix it, so it looks a bit ugly, but i really believe it tastes better this way. is it crazy?

    enjoy your mornings, they’re getting warmer, spring is almost here!!

    love, carolin

  8. find your friends, go to nice and have some lovely food time!

    (lots of) love, carolin

  9. sunday studying feat a fabulous cup of strong coffee

  10. in the moment: the jar

    yep, my breakfast in a jar. that’s the trend! 

    love, carolin

  11. zebra cakes

    okay, they were pancakes. and i am aware, it is not the best food styling one could achieve. i didn’t care then! so sorry.

    anyways, pancakes made with rye flour(!!), also used coconut oil, so they as good as they could be. this time with cottage cheese, honey and bananas.(BEST COMBINATION EVER, also sprinkle over with some sea-salt, extra good)

    love, carolin

  12. pears

    on bread and with cinnamon

    l o v e l y

    enjoy the sun and the morning lovelyness

    love, carolin

  13. just some fruit and nuts and yogurt.

    can’t get enough of them

    love, carolin

  14. a plan for the day: go to the nearest boulangerie with your baby brother

  15. too early

    not used to waking up that early anymore. but it’s the exam period, so must be prepared good!

    citrus salad w/ yogurt and some seeds. and caffè crema.


    love, carolin