1. the first one

    in the new appartment

    lately been eating fruit bowls with oat milk and nuts and all the other good stuff there is!


    love, carolin

  2. less is more

    absolutely divine vegetable broth with the most subtle fresh cabbage pie @ Pegasus 

    classic estonian soup time !!

    love, carolin

  3. ice cream for breakfast

    mango-peach-banana ice cream topped with blueberries, peanut butter filled dates and some cinnamon.


    love, carolin

  4. banana love bread

    absolutely wheat and oil/butter free, full of bananas and fiber. perfect for breakfast or just midnight snack.

    love, carolin


    this summer time is crazy

    fill your bowl with soy or any other plant based milk, warm it up with some honey and cinnamon and then add the blueberries, smush them up and enjoy!

    love, carolin

  6. the italian vibe

    somehow i’ve discovered tofu and pesto, here in milan. it really suits the best with this weather, i can’t say why, but it does. so, a lot of olives, corn, fresh stuff, seeds and some tofu + fresh pesto. 

    perfect for the hotness!



  7. beat the heat and buy a coconut bun from ONE of the local bakeries



  8. brownie & cream cheese

    my brother turned 17 and my little niece is now 3 years old. for the celebration i baked absolutely not raw or vegan or healthy brownie, consisting 300g of chocolate and almost the same amount of butter!!

    but people were satisfied and that’s what matters

    enjoy the spring(summer!!)

    love, carolin

  9. catch up breakfast @ MAMO, a healthy fast food place

    this one(MAMO Roosikrantsi) was located in a house that had a courtyard kind of thing. it was seriously beautiful and sunny and had such a fresh atmosphere.

    + the breakfast options were endless. i had a fruit bowl with plain yogurt, seeds, honey and banana, liisa had granola with mango pureé. for dessert we shared a banana pecan nut cake. 

    everything was divine. i recommend!!

    enjoy the spring

    love, carolin


    long time no see!! but served in a new way: topped with plain yogurt, seeds, almonds, banana, cinnamon and ginger powder.

    have a great day :)

    love, carolin

  11. throw back monday

    go eat some crêpes in montmartre!!

    love, carolin

  12. the birthday season

    raw banana and strawberry ice cream cake

    my lovely hannaliis turned 19 and i decided to make her a raw cake and one, that would excite me the most!

    the crust: i mixed 2 cups of cashews, almonds and peanuts with 1,5 cups of dates(also added some salt). 

    filling: mixed 3 frozen bananas with 1 cup of strawberry pureé

    cream: mixed coconut milk(set in the fridge overnight) with vanilla and cane sugar

    and then i topped everything with some shredded coconut and BASIL.

    and then i left it in the fridge until it was time to take it out.

    that’s it. i say it is magnificent, who needs baking anyway?

    love, carolin

  13. a properly fresh lunch for a sunny afternoon

    haven’t posted anything for years. mostly because my phone wasn’t capable for that sort of things. but now i’m back!

    so, here are some tomatoes with corn and rocket and, veggies and an egg anf of course we cannot forget my favourite: cottage cheese(what i lately like to season with dijon de miel.

    perfect for those days you have to work out every minute or just run from one place to another.

    PS! don’t forget the kefir :)

    love, carolin

  14. the easter cake, my way

    yes, i have 31 minutes to publish this on the right day!!

    so, i was inspired by a recipe i saw at the local morning tv-show, but ofcourse i made my adaptions. due to the fact that i still cannot(read: don’t want to) use my oven, i have to think of other ways how to make delicious sweets.

    the crust is made with digestive biscuits and coconut oil

    for the filling i melted 400g of white chocolate with 1 dl of coconut milk, then added 400g of ricotta cream and vanilla sugar. when evenly mixtured i poured it on the crust and then refrigerated it for SEVERAL hours. 

    this cake is just tout sweet(as i like my cakes), but if you prefer some ‘colours’ then i recommend spreading some blackcurrant jam between the filling and crust or adding some lime/lemon juice to the filling.

    and that’s it, my easter cake, it’s white and there’s ricotta and the grapes look like easter eggs!


    love, carolin

  15. moments

    some jam and gum-candy and wine(in martini glasses #fancy) and cake. some oh-so valuable minutes with best friends!

    love, carolin